How to view Salesforce Licences

Salesforce Licences are available in the Company Information. To view Salesforce Licences follow the steps given below

  • Click on the gear icon at the top of the page and launch Setup
Company Information
  • On the left-hand side you will see the Quick Find Box type Company Information.
Company Information in Salesforce

The Company Information page also displays all the User Licenses, Permission Set Licenses, Feature Licenses, and Usage-based Entitlements you have purchased for your organization. On the Company Information detail page, the user can find the information about these licenses as follows:

Salesforce User Licences
  • User Licenses: A user license permits a user to utilize the distinctive functionality of Salesforce. It additionally figures out which profiles and permission sets are accessible to the user. Each user must have precisely one user license. You dole out user permissions for data access through a profile and alternatively, at least one permission sets.
  • Permission Set Licenses: You can assign permission sets to the users so that they can have access to specific features and functions. Users can dole out any number of permission set licenses.
  • Feature Licenses: A feature license qualifies a user to access an extra feature that is excluded with their user license, for example, Marketing or Clients can be doled out with any number of feature licenses.
  • Usage-based Entitlement: It is a constrained resource that your organization can use on a period basis, for example, the permitted number of month to month logins to a partner community or as far as the limit for list users.

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