Different tools used for creating Lightning app

There are several different tools used for creating Lightning app are as follows

  1. Developer Console: Browser-based ednor providing code hinting and code validation for Lightning components as well as debugging, unit testing, and debugging services for Apex.
  2. Force.com IDE 2 : Based on the Eclipse platform, this powerful, open-source client application enables you to create, modify and deploy Salesforce Platform applications from within a single environment.
  3. Schema Builder : Browser-based editor enabling you to add custom, relational database objects to your Salesforce schema and view the relationships between them.
  4. Lighting App Builder : This browser-based tool enables virtually anyone to combine custom and off-the-shelf Lightning Components to assemble beautiful apps visually.

Third-party development environments tools used for creating Lightning app are:

  1. Sublime Text 3 : For those of you who want to code using a native text editor, there is a nifty Lightning extension for Sublime Text 3 that is available.
  2. Cloud 9:  A powerful cloud-based IDE that supports Lightning Components and has many enterprise features.
  3. Illuminated Cloud : A powerful Salesforce Platform development tool hosted within the JetBrains intelliJ IDEA (Community Edition and Ultimate Edition) IDE.
  4. Welkin Suite : TWS is a new generation Salesforce Platform IDE which allows working wnh Apex, Visualforce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, any images as well as executing unit tests, SOQL queries, anonymous apex and provides many other handy features from a single development tool

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