Salesforce Sandbox Interview Questions

Sandbox is a development environment where we can write logic and code, customize it, and deploy it to live production org after testing. It is available in Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and editions.

1. What is Cloud Computing ?

  • Pictorial representation of the internet is Cloud.
  • Cloud Computing is nothing but internet computing.
  • With this approach, everything can be done on the internet (Using Applications, Developing Applications, and distributing the hardware), no need for any minimum hardware requirements, and no need to install any software in the local system.
  • Cloud Computing is an approach to provide the following services –
    1. SAAS (Software AA Service)
    2. PAAS (Platform AA Service)
    3. IAAS (Infrastructure AA Service)

2. What is Salesforce?

  1. Salesforce is a company which provides a web based tool called Salesforce
  2. Salesforce by following the Cloud Computing approach, providing SAASand PAAS
  3. SAAS: Providing SalesMarketing and Call Center applications as a service
  4. PAAS: Providing platform in which we can develop Apex (Programming language similar to Core Java) and Visualforce (Mark up language similar to HTML) logic.

3. What is Production?

              We should not make coding changes in production since end-users are using the           application from production environment.

4. What is production url?


5. What is sandbox?

To make any changes for the exiting application we should copy all contents of the production into sandbox and make all changes after that test thoroughly and move those changes into production. 

To create the sandbox, in production we can find one link called sandboxes. by clicking on that link we can create the sandbox by choosing type of the sandbox.

6. What is sandbox url?

7. What are the types of Sandboxes?

  1. Developer Sandbox
  2. Developer pro sandbox
  3. Partial data sandbox
  4. Full copy sandbox

8. What is Developer sandbox?

  • It copy only configuration changes from the production
  • It won’t copy real time data
  • We can test the configuration changes with sample data
  • Sample data limit is 200mb
  • Refresh time interval is one day
  • If we refresh all the sandbox contents will be replaced with production contents

9. What is developer pro sandbox?

  • Copy configuration changes
  • No real time data
  • Sample data limit is 1GB
  • Refresh time interval one day

10. What is partial data sandbox?

  • Copy configuration changes
  • Copy certain amount of real time data
  • Real time data limit is 5GB
  • For each table it can copy maximum of 10k records
  • Refresh interval 5 days

11. What is Full copy sandbox?

  • It is exact replica of the production
  • Copy both configuration and entire real-time data from the production
  • Refresh time interval 29 days

12.In which sandbox we will have the same copy of production? 

Full Sandbox is just a clone or a full copy of Production used for real-time testing.

Salesforce Sandbox Interview Questions

  1. What is a sandbox? 
  2. What are different types of sandboxes? 
  3. With which sandboxes you have worked? 
  4. What is a developer sandbox? 
  5.  What is developer pro sandbox? 
  6. What is a partial copy sandbox? 
  7. What is a full copy sandbox? 
  8. In which sandbox we will have the same copy of production? 
  9. In which sandbox we will have the ID of the same record as production? 
  10. For which edition we will have sandboxes? 
  11.  Tell us some issues that you have faced on sandboxes? 

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