Creating Azure Storage Account

In this Azure tutorial, we will be creating Azure storage account step by step. An Azure storage account is a secure account that provides access to Azure storage services (which will be covered later in this chapter), and a unique namespace for storage resources. Check the following steps to for creating Azure storage account below:

  • Open the Azure portal from here:
  • Click on All services and a new blade will open. In the search bar, write storage account.
  • Click on Storage accounts and a new blade will open.
  • Click on Add
  • A new blade will open.
Creating Azure Storage Account

You need to fill in the fields and determine the following:

  • Name: The name of the storage account.
  • Deployment model: Select the deployment model that fits you. Only use Classic if you have other classic resources that need this resource to be classic too.
  • Account kind: Select the account kind that fulfill your needs.
  • Location: Select the nearest location to you.
  • Replication: Select the replication type according to the criticality of the services that will use this storage account. The higher the criticality, the higher the replication type you should go for.
  • Performance: Select Premium for services that will require fast data access and higher IOPs. Otherwise, select Standard.
  • Access tier (default): Select the access tier that suits your case.
  • Secure transfer required: Either enable or disable this option. This option enhances the security of your storage account by only allowing requests to the storage account by a secure connection. For example, when calling REST APIs to access your storage accounts, you must connect using HTTPS. Any requests using HTTP will be rejected when it is enabled. When using the Azure file service, connection without encryption will fail, including scenarios using SMB 2.1, SMB 3.0 without encryption, and some flavors of the Linux SMB client. Because Azure Storage does not support HTTPS for custom domain names, this option is not applied when using a custom domain name.
  • Subscription: Select the subscription that will be charged for using this service.
  • Resource group: Either create a new one to logically gather this storage account in or select an existing one.
  • Configure virtual networks: Enabling this setting will grant exclusive access to this storage account from the specified virtual network and subnets. This is providing that you can add more virtual networks and subnets after storage account creation.
Creating Azure Storage Account

Now click on create button and wait for the moment until the account is created. Once done, we can find our Azure storage account in the Storage accounts blade.

Creating Azure Storage Account

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