Useful chrome extensions in Salesforce

Salesforce is a web-based application. It opens right on the browser, and we can perform all the operations on the Salesforce, from the web browser. This becomes much easier when we are accessing Salesforce from the Google Chrome browser. We have extensions available on Google Chrome, that can add multiple benefits to the Salesforce platform. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss some of the most used extensions, that we can install to increase productivity.

Sandbox Favicon Extension

This extension makes use of the colored favicons with a difference, it adds an “S” inside the favicon, which signifies that a particular tab is for a Salesforce sandbox org. This makes it safe for configuration, as we don’t want to configure it in a prod environment. With this marking, we exclusively know which environment is Sandbox and which is prod. The extension can be added to the chrome browser directly.

Salesforce Navigator

Even though Salesforce has improved a lot on the navigation part, we still wish there could be some more improvements on this. With this extension gets a superpower search bar, and reach out to whichever component you want to access. You can just consider this as an advanced search bar.

Salesforce Hotkeys

Who doesn’t want hotkeys, instead of clicking multiple times to access a Salesforce object? Even those hotkeys make life simpler, by giving direct access to the individual Salesforce features, remembering them could be a challenge. However, as you use these hotkeys, you are going to get used to it. Quick Login As

This plugin helps you to test a Salesforce page, by simply logging in to the desired user account. If this extension is not there, then you need to go through multiple clicks. First, copy the URL of the Salesforce page you want to test, then navigate through Setup to the list of users, locate the user, and then click “Login,”. That is a lot of steps. Enhanced Formula Editor

If you are looking to work with complex formulas on the Salesforce platform, then this is definitely for you. It also features syntax highlighting, which can ensure the correctness of the formula. Usually, one needs to work on the syntax to get the formula correct, along with working on complex formulas. This extension makes working with formula simple.

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

This is a perfect extension, that can provide real-time information from your Salesforce Dashboards. It can display additional seven columns of the dashboard components. This is just an enhancement of the existing dashboard feature on Salesforce. Salesforce only allows you to refresh Dashboards daily, weekly, or monthly. However, with this extension, the refresh will be real-time. Similarly, Salesforce by default shows only 3 components in one row of a Dashboard. With Enhance Salesforce Dashboard it can be extended till seven.

Salesforce API Fieldnames

Salesforce API Fieldnames extension works like magic in Salesforce. With a single click on the extension, all the field labels will appear instantly revealing their undercover API selves. Hence, no need to find the APIs manually, by navigating to Setup and Objects.

Salesforce Inspector

It is one of the key productivity tools for Salesforce administrators. Both the Salesforce admins as well as developers need to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI. With the help of this plugin, they can add a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI which will improve productivity. This plugin is available in the chrome webstore. In case, it is needed for Firefox, this can be downloaded from Github.

Salesforce Debug Logs & Schema Explorer

With the help of this plugin, one can easily build SOQL queries with all the Salesforce objects. They can easily view debug logs. If this plugin is not there, one needs to do a lot to view debug logs. One needs to go to the setup area or dev console. This extension simple makes operating on Salesforce much easy, by making debug logs visible in two simple clicks, without even leaving the current salesforce tab. One can have a hierarchical view of debug logs. This makes the analysis much easier. On can also set logging level or trace flags for any users or apex code.

Ebsta for Salesforce

With the help of this plugin, we can seamlessly integrate Gmail, Google Calendar, and Salesforce. This plugin helps in syncing emails and calendars, tracking emails, along with personalized cadences, send late, and meeting scheduler. The sync can be done manually or automatically. One of the best utility of this plugin is, it gives access to Salesforce email templates in Gmail. This plugin also supports Custom objects and fields out-of-the-box. It also integrates with 50+ websites – including Zoominfo, Indeed, Monster, Xing, and more.


Salesforce can appear cluttered completely, with multiple tabs and widgets. It might appear more cluttered with different plugins and APIs imported to the tool. Brisk.Io makes life easy for the salesforce user, by decluttering a bit. This plugin shows only the relevant information, and a user can customize this completely as per his preference.


The ORGanizer Chrome Extension lets the user forget about the key information. This includes Salesforce username and passwords. It also helps you to recognize Salesforce tabs on the browser. It allows storing the frequently used account details. That includes username / password / login URL / landing page etc. It allows to login to an account on a new tab, window, and window on incognito mode or gets the full login URL for other browsers. With the help of this plugin, one can change an ORG tab and title to instantly recognize which tab belongs to which ORG. In short, this is one plugin that completely organizes the Salesforce profile.

Salesforce DevTools

This is a developer suite, with all the powerful Salesforce developer tools. This includes Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and several other tools. Salesforce DevTools is a powerful Salesforce developer chrome extension for doing multiple things, which a developer might do. It quickly generates Apex code / SOQL, while exporting query results to an Excel file. With the help of this extension, we can export Objects Field Definition and Objects Page Layout Definition to an excel file.

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