What is Salesforce Chatter, Benefits of Salesforce Chatter

What is Salesforce Chatter

In our previous Salesforce training tutorial we have learned about how to install Salesforce for  Outlook software in our local machine.In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn What is Salesforce Chatter, What are the Salesforce Chatter features, about Salesforce chatter community and many topics will be covered in our next Salesforce Tutorial.

Candidates who are learning Salesforce.com must able to learn clearly about Salesforce Chatters and it’s features.

What is Salesforce Chatter?

In Salesforce Chatter is a social platform that integrates Salesforce infrastructure and development platform. Salesforce Chatter is the combination of Facebook and Twitter. It is used to communicate in organization with customers. By using Chatter in organization, user’s in organization can be able to  get real time information about the work status. It is a powerful tool which helps organization to empower organization with tools to communicate easily and effectively with right information at right time.

What is Salesforce Chatter
What is Salesforce Chatter, Benefits of Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter can also be accessed from mobile devices with an application called Salesforce Chatter mobile. Salesforce Chatter mobile is the world’s first application that used to stay up to date with records, files conversations, dashboards and so on in Salesforce.

What is salesforce Chatter Community ?

Like salesforce chatter, salesforce community is another type and part of salesforce.com. Where salesforce chatter is meant for chatting in an organization and Chatter community is like a portal designed for employees, customer and partners for rich collaboration in salesforce community.

Salesforce Chatter benefits ?

  • Salesforce Chatter can increase employee productivity by 33%.
  • Salesforce Chatter can increase sales productivity by 32%.
  • Real time information can be delivered to user’s E-mail.
  • We can share information, create groups, comment, like, tag and so on using Salesforce chatter.
  • It increases manager visibility.
  • Salesforce Chatter improves responsiveness.
  • It provides customer’s satisfaction.
  • It improves Return of Investments(ROI)

How to open Salesforce chatter.

To access Salesforce Chatter we have to open. Click on Chatter Tab as shown below.

what is salesforce chatter
what is salesforce chatter
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