Schema Builder in Salesforce

Schema Builder provides a dynamic environment for viewing and modifying all the objects and relationships in our Salesforce application. It simplifies the tasks of designing, implementing, and modifying your data schema. In Schema builder, we can view our existing schema and interactively add new custom objects, custom fields, and relationships simply by dragging and dropping technique.

In Salesforce Schema Builder automatically implements the changes and saves the layout of your schema any time you move an object. Schema builder also provides details such as field values, required fields, and how objects are related by displaying lookup and master-detail relationships. We can view the fields and relationships for both standard objects and custom objects.

To open schema builder in Salesforce, navigate to SetupBuild | Scheme Builder.

Opening schema builder

In Salesforce, Schema builder is enabled by default and lets users add custom objects, Lookup Relationships, and all custom fields except geolocation to your schema.

From the Objects Palette select the Objects. For example here we are taking Account, Contact and Opportunity.

Schema Builder salesforce

As shown above we have three standard objects and they have some relationships with each other. We can move objects to any place in Schema Builder.

  • Blue connections are lookup relationships.
  • Red connections are master-detail relationship

Creating objects using Schema Builder

To create objects and fields go to the Elements tab, Just drag the object element to create a new object. It prompts you to fill in the details of the object. Fill in the detail.

Creating objects using schema builder

Click on Save.

Creating objects using schema builder 1

From this drop-down, we can Hide Objects on Canvas, Edit Object Properties, Delete objects, and view Objects and their Page Layouts.

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