Salesforce Login and Navigation

Welcome to Salesforce tutorial, in this tutorial we will learn about Salesforce login and Navigation. To log in to Salesforce, you need to go to This is important, as we’ll see later when we discuss sandboxes—you have to go to to log in to a sandbox. Your Salesforce username has to be in the format of an email, but not an actual email address. This is a key point since you may have access to multiple Salesforce orgs and the username has to be unique.

So, when you set up your Salesforce account, there is a requirement for an email address, which does have to be a real email address since you will receive your verification confirmation for the first-time login there. The username can be anything that takes the form of an email: so, for instance, my email might be, but my username could be After Salesforce login, we will notice all the tabs at the top of the page called Home page.

  • Go to App Launcher on the top-left corner of the page and select the Sales app from the list of apps. In the Lightning Experience, users can see the tabs on the top of the screen as shown.
Salesforce Login and Navigation

In App Launcher, we can access various apps in our salesforce instance. So what are Apps in Salesforce? Apps are the collection of tabs that can be customized.  When we change Salesforce application, tabs for that app will be changed in our navigation.

How to Search in

To search for any data in, we global search bar at the top of the home page. This search bar allows users to enter any search term and return the related data as drop down.

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