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How to check Salesforce Edition that we use? provides different types of Salesforce editions and features depending upon the cloud that we use. Generally for Sales cloud, provides four types of Salesforce Editions, they are

  • Essential.
  • Professional.
  • Enterprise.
  • Unlimited.

How to Check Salesforce Editions?

To check the Salesforce edition, check the following steps.

  • Go to quick search, type and navigate to Company Information.
  • Look for Organization Edition.

Here you will find the edition you are using.

Let’s see how it is possible to check what edition of Salesforce you use:

  • Log in to your Salesforce account and hover over the gear icon on the top-right corner of the page near your account photo.
  • From the drop-down list choose ‘Setup’. Once you do it, a left-column section appears.
  • In this section navigate to Settings ⇒ Company Settings ⇒ Company Information.
  • Click on it and in the opened section scroll to the Company edition field. Here you will be able to see the current Salesforce edition.
How to check Salesforec editions

Group Edition (GE) is targeted towards small businesses and teams of up to five providing sales and support functionality and is priced at $25/user/month.

  •  Store and manage unlimited contacts
  •  Track customer interactions via reporting
  •  Stay on top of your day with tasks and reminders
  •  Works with any email application
  •  Integrated with Google Apps
  •  Share documents using the content library
  •  Capture leads from your web site
  •  Track sales opportunities
  •  Pre-built dashboards and reports
  •  Track Google AdWords performance
  •  Mobile access
  •  Phone support

 Storage limits, 1GB of data and 1GB of file storage shared by all users Restrictions include no access to Apex, Visualforce, API, sharing rules, scheduled reports, workflow automation, approval processes, assignments, custom labels, analytic snapshots, marketing user license (no access to campaigns), products or pricebooks, leads, forecasting, account or sales teams, multiple currencies, custom profiles and development sandboxes.

Professional Edition: Professional Edition (PE) is priced at $65/user/month and is designed for small- to mid- sized businesses that need more CRM functionality, security and personalization. PE is the first edition on the edition ladder where you can really start doings some development work. However some features are still missing and this will drive you crazy.

  •  Store and manage unlimited contacts
  •  Sales forecasting
  •  Marketing campaigns
  •  Track sales opportunities
  •  Service and support with cases, solutions & answers
  •  User personalization and security
  •  Mass email and templates
  •  Share documents using the content library
  •  Reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Works with any email application
  • Capture leads from your web site
  • Integrated with Google Apps and AdWords
  • Phone support
  •  Mobile access
  • Storage limits, 20MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user

Restrictions include no access to Apex, Visualforce, API (can be enabled for an additional charge), workflow automation, approval processes, products or pricebooks, account or sales teams, custom profiles, development sandboxes and can’t grant login access.

Enterprise Edition: Enterprise Edition (EE) is designed for large, complex businesses and provides access to virtually all platform functionality for $125/user/month. EE is the edition that provides the most benefit for customers and the one that tries to sell the most. Most developers and administrators will want to work with EE as it allows them to provide the most functionality for end-users. EE includes all PE features plus:

  •  Apex and Visualforce
  •  API access
  •  Access to development sandboxes
  •  Products and pricebooks
  •  Workflow and approvals
  •  Sales territory management, account and sales teams
  •  Storage limits, 20MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user
  •  Offline access

Unlimited Edition Unlimited Edition (UE) is the flagship solution for and includes all EE functionality plus Premier Support, full mobile access, unlimited custom apps and increased storage limits for $250/user/month. It includes all Enterprise Edition features plus:

  • 2000 database objects
  • 24×7 Premier Support
  • Fully customizable mobile capabilities.
  • Unlimited customizations and applications.
  • Access to multiple development sandboxes
  • Increased storage limits, 120MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user

Check and compare all Salesforce editions here :

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