How to connect Google Adwords to

For marketing efforts, Salesforce for Google AdWords connects Google Adwords to, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your online advertising investments. When a visitor clicks on your Google ad they will be directed to your website that hosts a Web-to-Lead form. When the visitor enters their information into the Web-to-Lead form, a lead is created in your Org. Leads that originate from Google AdWords have a Lead Source value of “Google AdWords” and an activity record that shows the Google AdWords campaign, ad group, ad headline, and keyword that drove the lead to your website. You can then track the effectiveness of your advertising with a Google AdWords dashboard and several Google AdWords reports are pre-built in There are also a large number of Google-related apps on the AppExchange for additional functionality such as syncing contacts and calendars, integrating with Google Maps, and using Chatter with Google Alerts.

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