What is Salesforce?

Salesforce.com is a distributed company and social venture Software As a Service (SaaS) supplier established in March 1999. Salesoforce.com recommends that the users need not to install software or servers for the organisation. The salesforce user should sign up for an account, and once signed, they, in a split second, will utilize the product to maintain their business.

Salesforce.com is presently ranked among 100 best corporations on the planet to work. Salesforce.com began as a SaaS-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) organization; however, with time it has evolved into a full load of great applications. From an elevated level, salesforce.com comprises numerous items such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Content, Ideas, Analytics, Chatter, Einstein processing, and so on. Salesforce.com is on Fortune 500 listing due to the following reasons:

  • Salesforce.com is a cloud computing company. It has a pre-engineered applications that saves cash and time.
  • Salesforce.com provides reports and dashboards to analyze trends that helps for viewing sales forecast.
  • It has Outlook and GMail Integration, e-mail templates, inbuilt record search, and might produce new leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

How to Create Salesforce Developer Account?

Salesforce.com offers a thirty days trial, and since there’s no agreement, you’ll have the option to drop and leave whenever it does not fit your business needs. The salesforce.com is accessed through a internet browser. To create Salesforce Developer login account visit Salesforce Developer Website.

What is Salesforce

Salesforce Architecture

Before understanding about Salesforce architecture, it is important to understand a few key terminologies of the Salesforce architecture.


All metadata components such as objects, Visualforce pages and classes are independent of the application. An application helps to club things visually. Though internally metadata has nothing to do with the application, you’ll have the option to have a comparative tab, VF Page, and so on, in different applications. 


An instance of Salesforce is that the explicit configuration that you simply see after you log in to Salesforce. The Salesforce instance is truly showing server details for specific Salesforce organization on which it remains. It’ll be modified based on the region you log in from. 


Superpod is the arrangement of frameworks and stack balancers, as well as outgoing intermediary servers, system and capability foundations, mail servers, SAN texture, and varied alternative framework supporting different instances. 


Whenever a Sandbox is made, Salesforce copies the metadata (data about data) from your production org to the sandbox org. By doing so, the multiple copies of the production org are created in separate environments.

Org (Organization)

The Salesforce Org is a single consumer of the Salesforce application. Every trial that starts on salesforce.com or developer.force.com produces another organization. An Org is flexible and has clear security and sharing setting. The user interface look and feel, custom fields, triggers, and custom articles on standard salesforce are entirely versatile.

The various layers in Salesforce architecture are being explained as follows: 

Sales Cloud 

The Sales cloud is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which empowers to manage the three pillars of any organization: marketing, sales, and service. It very well may be utilized for both B2C and B2B clients. 

Service Cloud:

 The Service Cloud is a service platform for the customer service and support team. It offers features such as tracking cases, lightning service console, Telephony Integration, and analytics. This not just causes your agents to take care of client issues quickly, it also offers your clients access to responses through knowledge solutions. Utilizing these answers, the clients can take care of issues on their own. 

Marketing Cloud:

 The Marketing cloud gives one of the world’s most powerful digital marketing platforms. The advertisers in your association can utilize it to oversee customer journey, e-mail, mobile, social media, web personalization, content creation, content administration, and data analytics. 

Community Cloud: 

This is the social platform for your organization to interface and encourages correspondence among your employees, partners, and even clients. This platform can be utilized to exchange information in real time. 

Analytics Cloud:

 The Analytics cloud gives a business intelligence (BI) platform for the organizations to work with enormous information records. You can make diagrams, graphs and other pictorial portrayals of information. It is, as a matter of course, streamlined for mobile access. It can without much of a stretch be integrated with other Salesforce clouds.

 App Cloud:

 App cloud can be utilized to create custom applications that will run on the Salesforce platform. It gives an assortment of development tools that can be used to make custom applications. It integrates social media, mobile, and cloud such that it lets developers center around code, not infrastructure. 

Technology used by Salesforce

  • Apex: Salesforce has its own programming languages, knows as Apex. Hence to become a salesforce developer, or to create a salesforce app, user must have a good knowledge of Salesforce Apex.
  • VisualForce: Visualforce is the framework introduced by the Salesforce, which enables the developers to create the custom user interfaces that can work on the lighting platform.
  • Compiler: Salesforce contains its own compiler to compile the Apex programs and VisualForce Pages.

Which Companies Use Salesforce?

Now that we have a clear understanding of what is Salesforce and which service to use when, let’s look at where Salesforce is being used by various companies across different industries.

CommunicationsComcast-SpectatorComcast-Spectator used Salesforce to  maintain detailed customer profiles so that they can identify their biggest fans and market more effectively to them.
Financial ServicesAmerican ExpressAmerican Express started to use Salesforce Sales Cloud in 2010. Now, they have their customer success platform on Salesforce, which connects thousands of employees across organizations, locations and time zones.
GovernmentObama for AmericaStaff of Obama for America used Salesforce Service Cloud to send personalized emails to users. They also used dashboards to get real-time read on what the nation was thinking about and where opinions differed across the country.
Health CareHealth LeadsWith Salesforce Community Cloud, Health Leads are leading the way to a new model for healthcare. Also, with Salesforce App Cloud, they can easily view and update patient data, coordinate with physicians and find effective community resources.
High TechSonySony uses Salesforce Service Cloud to tune in with its customers. Sony’s customer cases are managed as one unified agent experience which has helped them to keep their customers happy.
MediaCoco-Cola Enterprise (CCE)CCE uses Salesforce across multiple geographies and multiple business functions. From call center agent to service technicians and sales representative, Salesforce is being used to connect people and information. This has helped CCE to deliver a better customer experience.
ManufactureInMobiInMobi swapped out several CRM systems for the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Salesforce has enabled InMobi to run a single layer of data management through the company. This has made InMobi a fast and efficient company.
RetailTrip A DealTrip A Deal’s Heroku based cloud platform application was designed and deployed in under five weeks. This delivered critical advantages to the start up business including system stability and cost effective scalability.

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